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Animation servicesARG! Cartoon Animation Studio specializes in classic character animation. Founded in 1994 in Colorado Springs, ARG! produces cartoons and commercials for film, TV, apps and the Web. The ARG! client list includes Fortune 500 companies such as Transamerica, Kaiser Permanente, Duracell, Safeco Insurance, Harper Collins, MTV Networks, Red Bull and PBS, but the studio's 700+ clients include many small businesses and organizations. The studio is fully staffed with experienced, professional animators, and offers many styles and formats of animation, all made in the USA.

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The ARG! Building

the ARG! buildingThe ARG! studio facility is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This 3-story, 1,700 square foot building is on the former Alexander Film Company property, so it contains a lot of film history. Our first floor features a video lab with Adobe Animate cc and digital editing systems, each with 2 or 3 large monitors. Wacom Cintiqs® are used to drawn on screen. The building was built in 1946 as part of Alexander, the world's largest producer of theatre and TV advertising, including animated commercials. When the building was remodeled, new windows, doors, drywall, carpets, stucco exterior, HVAC and wiring were installed. It's air conditioned, the walls are extremely thick, and the windows are double glazed, so it's very quiet. We love our studio and our work!

ARG! Management

Tim Romero is the current owner and CEO of ARG! Cartoon Animation LLC, managing more than 60 artists, animators and technicians. His father Artie Romero founded ARG! Read about Artie's comics, movie and TV background, and his 35 years of animation screen credits. Artie was the driving force behind the ARG! website, containing more than 28,300 documents and getting millions of hits from all over the world. Contact us for more information on animation services, and for a quote on your next project. We also offer an affordable license for 57,000 of our cartoons, graphics and animations.

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